DGMSPORT are at the forefront of Homologated and Grp4 historic builds in the UK and Ireland. Starting out with Ford Sierra's in the early nineties through to the current Citroen DS3 R5 with Cosworth’s, Evo's, Fiesta's and DS3 R3's in between.

In 2015 DGMSPORT’s will focus on the Citroen DS3 R5, designed by the same team that have dominated the world championship in the current era. The R5 model is aimed at leading national and international championships and competitors in the top tier support series in the world, WRC2.

Affirming Citroen’s reputation for meticulous engineering and management only a handful of trusted and proven associated teams have been granted approval to build DS3 R5’s, DGMSPORT are the only UK team and can offer ready built machines to full specification immediately.

Never one to be content with the status quo, David has spearheaded numerous development projects. Current work is focused on the Toyota GT86, designed and built in-house taking the road car frame and transforming it to a rally ready 330bhp machine

DGMHISTORIC have been hard at work over the past few years bringing the first full Grp4 Historic Opel Ascona to Ireland. Without the availibility of after market bolt on packages every area of the shell had to be painstakingly measured, aligned and designed to milimetre precision in order to represent the original factory Ascona's of the 1980's.



With over 20 years experience as a professional rally team DGMSPORT offer a competitive advantage through knowledge and skills gained over time. Specialising in Mitsubishi, Ford, Citroen and Opel we can offer the following services

  •    Pre event check 
  •    Post event check 
  •    Component rebuilds 
  •    Damage repair 
  •    End of season rebuild 
  •    On event mechanics and back up van 
  •    Suspension and geometry check 
  •    Fault diagnosis



DGMSPORT have a long history with many of the industry’s leading suppliers providing competition parts and motorsport products. Since early 2014 this side of the business has been handled by our newly established partner company R&R logistics. The range of kit on offer has expanded and a streamlined online sales process enables a faster order fulfilment. Please visit their site to view the full range of offers available.



DGMSPORT can offer a range of component rebuilds and the supply of competition parts relating to the rebuild in the following areas

  •    Suspension (Ohlins and Proflex certified) 
  •    Gearbox 
  •    Engine 
  •    Differentials 
  •    Safety equipment